None (No prior knowledge of programming required)


Install the Python (Interpreter) following before proceeding with the tutorial

Note that for the last option, you may not be able to use 'python as a calculator' feature


Python is a high level, dynamic language invented by Guido Van Rossum in early 1990s. It is an interpreted language, where the first phase is to compiler the Python source code (.py) to bytecode (.pyc), which is then run by the Python Virtual Machine. [More on this later]

starting up

Run the Python program (Interpreter) that you downloaded

Hello World

As is the customary, the first program to write in any langusage is the one that prints the following characters -  "Hello World" - on to the console/terminal (your screen).

String methods

Strings are immutable => assignment is not allowed

email = ""

email[0] = 'd' - NOT OK

email = "" - OK, since new string is assigned to the variable email

Find a substring



email.index("yahoo") - ERROR

instead use "in" to avoid error

"yahoo" in email => False

.lower() and .upper()

.strip(), .lstrip(), .rstrip()





+ => .join


String - sequence of chars; immutable

Lists - sequence of elements of any type; mutable []

Tuple - elements of any type; immutable ()